OMG!!! Well last time i was on here i had just got out the hospital and i was feeling like i could’t do it. Well i will let you know i still feel that way. Umm i was talking to my mom and she said i might have to go to a residental place in Belmount, Massachutes. I think it would do me some good. I need to be in a structured place. I think i would feel more better. I have to tempation everyday.. I feel alone like i am the only person faceing this but i know i am not. There are other people like yall facing this HORRIABLE ADDICTION. I am tired of dealing with people asking me what happened to me.. I should have never started.. Ughh!! IT just makes me so mad. Alot of the times i cry at night because i wanna hurt myself so bed. The intence feelings are just so intnece.I just wanna get better already and not have to worry about this anymore. When i was in the hospital i realized that i need to stot but it is a hard thing to do and i dont know if i am up for the challenge yet. Sorry i am like venting but i needed to. Any suggestions??