yesterday I injured.  I was scared..really scared..Like never ever have I been that scared.  I got angry. I was mad at him for making me hat upset. I was mad at myself for doing it. And i was mad at my friends for not understanding.  I got on the bus in the rain. In a moment we were on the highway. I just took all my tools out and threw them out the window.

Today my dad called me a name, it was mean.

Again. I wanted to SI but I threw them all away.

My hand started shaking.

Then I talked to my friends Linds and Ryan..not my best friends but I love them to death.  So anyhow..

They told me I was so good fordoing that..and told me they were proud..and I feel better right now..I’m not saying any promises that I’ll never want to. But I promise to try and not do it.