If I lay down and cried
Would you stare? Could you love me
They way I love you?
Could you ever feel
Before the pain that kills.
The way it used to be
Before the injuries

The way that I do?

 I remember how we were
And how much I need you.
You were my cure

For the confusion I went through


 That nearly finished me. This is where it ends
We’re never going to be
More than just friends.
Even though you saved me
I’m still alive 
Yet I don’t know what to do.
I don’t understand how
I deal without having youOr would you help me
Help me live right!
Be there to stop me

From hurting myself. 

I see you everyday
And you know just how I feel.
“I’m in love,” I always say. 

You’re my everything that’s realI will never be over you.
I will never fall out of love.
Moving on is what I have to do. 

But no one will ever be enough

I’ll always miss you.
You will stay in my head.
It’s because of what you do 

That I am not dead.


Because you see me
I can’t show you my pain.
Friends is all we’ll ever be
Though it will never feel the same.