i still remember the worst injuries….

the control, the beauty, the fear. so many times.

now i have a scars.  from displeasure with life, the staying clean, people, friends, parents, and curiosity made this one. my mother saw an injury what did i say-you ask? “mom someone did it at school.”  she believed it.  what did i do afterwards? i wanted to make some more.

many good things happened to me.  making life seems better.  there was light at the end of the road.  but the demons are among me.  overing the devil inside of them.  if i cry out for help will someone?  so many good things, but then i turn them around…

i wish i never had to deal with this. i thought SI was stupid.  then i tried it and look what happened…  maybe i will get help.  just maybe

at least i can vent this.  thank you.