I’m just a lost cause.

Bittered by years of weeping dreams

and numb from lifetimes of hurts.

Pull me from the waters of desperation

and conduct your life saving CPR.

Pound my chest

and revive this long-dead heart,

that quit beating so long ago.

Maybe someday soon the smiles will once more cascade the mouths

that eloquently told me of their love.

This unholy ghost can no longer penetrate my mind

and tell me exactly what I want to hear.

And I can no longer look you in the eyes and tell you I’m fine.

So call upon your saints to sweep down from the Heavens in a mighty and miraculous whirl

and sweep me up off my feet

and carry me to the forbidden paradise

that merely sobs at the sight of this poor excuse for humanity.

Our Father who art in Heaven…

hollow be my soul.