I remember when you used to hug me.

I remember when you used to tell me you loved me,

and how I’d return such a simply profound statement.

You’d smile,

and I’d feel alive again.

You never meant any of those, though, did you?

In one day….one day

it all ended.

And my body kept on living,

despite my desperate cries to an unforgiving universe to make it stop.

You two teamed up against me,

and carried on with your girlish games as I ruined myself,

and apologized for all the terrible things I had done…

to myself.

What damage I did to myself was worse than anything ever thought about against you,

yet you played victim.

Oh, how your Shakespearen woes trembled the ground,

and sought refuge inside hurting teenage hearts.

My pulse weakened every time you passed me in the hallway,

and I had to bear witness to your hypocrisy

and allegorical tales of friendship.

How funny to learn that one day,

the fantastic duo split

because of everything I’ve made mention to before.

You both discovered the other for who you truly are.

I hope now when you look into the mirror,

I hope you think of those fake, wearied arms that couldn’t protect me.

Or your I love you’s that only hurt me.

You are nothing but ego washed up on a dead shore,

and a pathetic excuse for a friend.

So hate me, but remember…

I’m no longer the one six feet under.