Well last time i was on here i was talking about my self injury. Well since then i have been in a hospital. I was in there because of all this.  It was one the the worst thing i have ever been through. They had me on CO, (constant Observation) I was watched all the time. They also had me on sharp object restriction.  We were not allowed to use pencils or pens. We had to use markers. When i used a marker i had to be watched. They said that so i couldnt hurt myself. It was horriable!!!!!! I hope i never have to go back. I need people to talk to so if you want to talk to me and try to help me throught this my email address is pnutbutta12@yahoo.com. I would really appericate any responses because i can’t talk to my mom because she gets mad at me when i tlak about self injury with her.. But i wanna talk to people who know what its like and can realate.