My best friend started injuring over summer. We worked things out the week it happened, and she said she wouldn’t do it anymore. I thought she was done for good, but today I just found out she is doing it again. I actually saw her counting her scars in class, like she was proud of them or something. She says she does it because this guy “broke her heart” when they only dated a week, and that she is grounded for a months so she hates her parents.

I wonder if she does it for attention. She talks to people, not me because she knows I will freak out, about it alot and is obvious about it. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve talked to her so much about it, but she doesn’t listen. I’ve had her talk friends of mine that have injured but stopped,  she still won’t listen. I just don’t know what to do anymore. As of the moment, I refuse to talk to her, I know its not going to help her if she thinks no one is there for her. It hurts her when I don’t talk to her though, we’re best friends. Please someone give me some advice.