okay, in the beginning of the year i was a real goody-good. and then i lost my friends, cause i started hanging out with a different group during school hours. & my friends left me !!! so… no im with a new group of friends; don’t get me wrong, i love them to death :)) but things have seriously changed. the way i am, my personality, habits, what i do, and just how i act around people. Ever since things have changed, i have been being treated differently & its annoying. and i have been having real bad guy problems since school started, and have been used and replaced by them. i have started to injure and do things that are not right for the body… and i know that they aren’t right; but im the type of person that doesnt like hurt and loves pain. especially when im in a room all alone crying and thinking to myself that no one is here for me. my grandma recently saw me and was astonished at how things were on my body. and she wantts me to get help, and i dont like getting help from others cause i feel that i can do things on my own. i always start at square one and then things fail. then i go back too square one thinking that things will be different the next time around. my family is really worried and im super confused. cause i already dont care about my body anymore ): im really sad and depressssed. and im really tired of being walked on, used, hurt, and being felt that im left behind.