So I’m having trouble with one of my best friends. She also self-injures, so she understands me. She understands when I’m depressed, she understands how some days it feels like the whole world’s against me, and how it hurts me so much when people judge and stereotype self-injurers, or make jokes about suicide and self-injury. But recently she’s been acting really distant and sometimes even ignoring me, and I feel like I’m losing her. I can’t hang out with her as often. When I try to ask what’s up, she says everything’s fine or she just doesn’t respond. I know she’s having a bit of a tough time herself right now, but we used to be able to support each other. I just don’t know what I would do without her, and I already feel so alone. I don’t know if I should talk to her or give her some space or what. I’m so alone and I need her. Here’s a poem I wrote about her.

Slipping Away

Rain pours slowly,

Tears stream heavily,

And I scream silently.

I can’t let you slip away.

Memories fade, lackluster in the dark,

I shiver as nostalgia floods me,

Tasting sweet summer sunshine,

Missing your arm linked through mine,
And all those careless summer nights.

Now you look at me

Through your dark eyes,

I can’t read your emotions.

You say you understand

Then I realize you

Have the power to destroy my whole world.

When you cry my heart breaks,

When you’re broken I break, too.

I need to be there for you,

And I need you to be there

For me,

To catch me when I fall.

The pavement shines

Glistening in the rain,

The cars blur through the tears in my eyes,

A leaf detaches from a


The world is changing,

And so are we,

I just hope that you’re not

Slipping away.