I haven’t sied for some time now. (close to a year) but now i am feeling a stronger need to do it again than i ever have before. I have tried to tell my supports this but they aren’t so supporting. theyre just like well don’t do it and then i try to think of why i want to do it and i don’t know. they think it is school stress but then i look and i just don’t care about school right now. I don’t know what is going on. I feel like i am back where i started and that therapy has taken me nowhere. I feel like my thoughts keep going to the same door but i don’t know how to open it so they walk around again till they come back. pls, does anybody understand me a care enough to truely listen or am i really alone now. i am so tired of everything right now. i just don’t know how long i can keep the monster at bay. pls, someone come rescue me.