Our drama club is doing a play and it’s about the struggles that teens go through. We read through it and decided who would be who. One of the characters is masochist, and when they were picking who would be that, everyone looked at me and yelled my name. They all say that that part is perfect for me. And yes, I am a masochist, but no one knows that. In the play, I struggle with the SI for a while, etc. which I have to admit is a pretty cool scene. It’s very dramatic and heart wrenching. The purpose of the play is to open people up to the idea that teens struggle with a lot of painful things. It’s about several teens, me struggling with SI, teens struggling with sex, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders. I like the idea that we are opening up to make people understand. I think that it will help people to get that life’s not easy and that we need help. I just hope that it has a positive influence on my community. The play is very dramatic and even at rehearsals, people bawl. It’s just so dramatic and deep. It’s very dark, we’re all wearing dark clothes and makeup and the stage is dark and the music is deep and passionate.