I am a SAFE graduate and recovered anorexic and self injurer. The last month has been very difficult for me as I move 1000 miles away from where I lived my whole life to join my husband for his new job. I am struggling with anxiety and depression in news ways. I am not distracting myself with self destructive behaviors, so my energy comes out in anxiety. My depression is also a result of feeling alone, not from the shame, guilt and self-hatred it was when I was hurting myself. I am trying to help my husband understand my feelings and the difference between feeling “lonely” and feeling “alone.” It’s not so much the fact that I sit at home alone most days with no friends or family that bothers me. To me, that is loneliness. It’s that I am struggling at my new store and want support looking for a new job. Or that I want someone to listen to me and support me because I don’t feel physically well. To me, that is feeling alone. I just want his support and caring, not the cold shoulder because he feels guilty because we came here and I am not happy yet. I take care of my issues through journaling and therapy. I wish he would take care of his. Anyways, I feel so alone here with the support of friends and family so far away. Coming to this site helps and I am hopeful I can beat depression again.