So today I met with the social worker at school. She is so nice and sweet. It’s like she understood everything I was going through and she didn’t judge me, she actually listened to me. I have to meet with her again tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to. I told Traci (my english teacher) about me meeting with her. Traci is the one who had me go talk to the social worker in the first place. If it wasn’t for her and the support of a few of my friends, I couldn’t get through this. Still don’t know if I can. But in the past 5 days, I’ve come a long way. It’s been almost a week since I’ve SI’d. And I hope I can continue to go longer and longer without it. I am so proud of myself for finally getting help. It means everything to me now to get better. And I know that I will. As long as I have my support group around me, things will be good. And for all of you still struggling with this, know that there is hope. There are people who love you and don’t want to see you hurting this way. I’ll tell you the truth, it isn’t easy telling people about this and getting help. But little by little, it gets easier. It does. I’m looking forward to life without SI. I know that there will be great things waiting for me on the other side.