There was a path deep in the woods
Once it forked- the bad, the good

I chose to take the left path
I didn’t know, I had no map

Now this road I travel is dirty a battered
It’s littered with dreams that are broken and tattered

Pain and regret are common here
Wherever you turn, they’re always near

I wanna cross to the other path
And leave behind this painful wrath

I thought I was forever doomed to walk
And all the gates were tightly locked

But as I continued, a bridge I could see
A bridge of hope called out to me

Slowly I crossed to the path of good
Finally I was on the path I thought I should

Now hidden deep within the woods
The one that forked, paths bad and good

I once was wrong, but now I’m right
And before me glows a guiding light

Altered by a little step
So close to falling in darkened depths

But I was finally pulled to hope
I found that bridge and learned to cope

My simple mistake following the crowd
Ignoring my heart that speaks so loud

The choices you make can change your life
One will bring happiness, the other strife

Following the crowd won’t lead you to right
If you follow your heart you’ll be guided by light

There was a path, deep in the woods
Once it forked- the bad, the good

Heed my warning, because I know
Follow your heart- you’ll know where to go