I’m new to this site and I found out about it from watching this movie on Life Time.  I’ve been injuring since the day after my birthday March 14th 2009.  I started March 15th.  I told one of my teachers who told my counselor who told my Mom.  I stopped for a day and then started back up again, lying to my mom the whole summer telling her i had stopped when in reality i was injuring. I am in group now and I just started last week. the last time i injured was about 3 weeks ago until this week.  I injured.  for some reason though it isn’t a big deal to me in that moment like i’m not myself when i do it.  Its like i’m watching myself SI and its scary at times.  I have so many issues to deal with at my house and sometimes i feel like running away but i know i can’t and i know the next best thing to get away is to give up but i know i shouldn’t but part of me wants to just be done with this life.  It is a daily struggle for me.

I just need people in my life who can motivate me and tell me everyday that I am strong and that I will be okay and I don’t really have people who can do that.  I don’t know what else to do and Im’ a senior in highschool and I have to live day by day just to get by.  right now i feel like i’m whining and complaining because i’m usually everyone’s “therapist”.  I’m the one who sits there and listens to people talk about their issues and suppress my own while saying “and how does that make you feel” and i’m sick of it.  I want someone to listen to me for once not hear me LISTEN TO ME. but i don’t have that…..