Wow.  I can’t believe that I forgot about this place. It’s probably been, gosh, 3 months at least since I’ve signed on? And I’m sorry for that, I feel like I owe it to everyone to support them like they’ve supported me. 

Anyways.  On June 22 I said that I would sincerely try to stop, and I made it for 10 weeks.  But then I slipped up.  I was absolutely devastated, I couldn’t believe I actually did it… and for the past month or so every week I’ll slip up.  🙁 I haven’t told anyone that I’m bad again, and I think I might keep it this way, unlike the first period where I struggled with SI.  But I dont want this to turn into the nightmare it was 6 months ago.  I’ve just been so stressed out from school, and this is the only thing I can turn to…

I also REALLY really need some help.  About 5 months ago, my friend told me she was being physically abused by her dad and verbally harassed.  At first, I thought she was exaggerating things, but I began to see she was right.  Last Wednesday, we were in the car with each other, and her dad was driving us, and because they got into a small bicker about missing a turn, he told her to get the (bleep) out of his car, and he drove off without her, with me still in the car.  After 5 minutes or so, he went back and got her.  I’m in a family that’s never at all cruel like this, but I’m just wondering: after everything, the physical and verbal stuff, etc., is this abuse? Should I call for help? I don’t know what to do! It’s going to be ugly no matter what, but I really need some advice on how to approach this in a way that keeps MY family safe and gets her safe.  I know she needs to get out of that house, but I’m even more afraid that if I tell someone and the investigation DOESN’T find abuse (which would be absolute bull), then things will be even worse for her.

If nothing else, and I understand that you wouldn’t want to take the time to read all this, please keep her in your prayers.  You all are in mine. I owe my life to you guys 🙂