So, this is my first time being on one of these things. One of my good friends told me about it. If you ever meet me, you’d never guess that I abuse myself. The first time I ever experienced this was when I went through my first divorce. I injured myself in multiple ways.. I’m not proud of any of that, but I felt so completely broken. I ran out of alternatives. I told no one. So, I guess that didnt help my situation much.. I didnt open up about it till after it was all done. Sadly, Ive started again. i’m one who doesnt take stress well at all. My mother just got re-married and things were going great, but suddenly started going downhill.. I didnt think I would ever start again, but surprising things happen. I completely broke down one night and had no idea what to do or who to turn too. alot of you are probably thinking, well I dont understand why you did. Its a such thing called verbal abuse. Its not physical abuse, its emotional. It makes you feel worthless, like you’re not good enough. I was to the point where I wanted to injure more as I hurt more.  I turned to my boyfriend, who understood more than I thought he would. I need help  and I want to quit. I dont want to keep hurting myself like this..