You think you have it hard
Like nothing is going right
You have all those long days
And all those sleepless nights
Every morning waking up to nothing
To a life you claim can’t be
Because you think it won’t get any better
That the only thing you have is me
You think that everyone hates you
They’re all out to destroy your joy
But really all that they are trying to do
Is help out a very lost little boy
Sometimes people find it hard
To be there every day all the time
But I promise you they really do care
And soon you’ll be doing just fine
Life sometimes gets really rough
And you don’t know what to do
But you can always come to us
And we’ll try to help you with hearts that are true
You think you’re the only one
Who feels this constant pain
The only one who has loved and lost
Or been forgotten about in the rain
You think you’re the only one
Who cannot stand to be at home
To hear all the fighting and the hate
So the streets all night you roam
You’re not the only one
Who wishes to just end the pain
And though you may think you’re the only one
We all are the same