How can she always carry a smile?
Cheerful and joyous all the while?
So happy a face, unknown to pains,
Soothing my summers like showers of rains.

I envy the smile and close my eyes,
And seek as to why she never cries,
Then appeal in her face as if starts to grow,
And am forced to stare, no reasons I know.

Brings tears of joy, as it fondles the memories,
Kindling my desires and wiping my worries,
Lost in the charm of the smiling face,
I chase the voids to crave happiness.

Not a dream that I see, but a face in sight,
Like a blooming rose, so lovely and bright,
Giving me hope for the unknown tomorrow,
As a silver lining in the clouds of sorrow.

A photo, they say, is lifeless and stale,
Can’t hear or speak, can’t move as well,
Yet close to my heart as it hangs at an end,
The memories it carries, are real, my friend.