This guy that I fell head over heals for is confusing me. A year ago, we were basically planning our futures, then family drove us apart. And he started treating my badly when we school started. And then he was really nice, a great friend, everything was fine. But when my depression got announced, he started treating me lousy again. And he sent me a message today, telling me that if I ever needed to talk, that he was there. That he’s always there and that he’ll try his best to understand. Basically, when we’re around other people, I’m dirt, and when it’s just the two of us, we’re the same. I know under it all, he’s really a great guy, so part of me says that I should give it a try. But the other part of me tells me that he’s treated me badly before, so what’s to say he won’t again. What do I do? Do I trust him?