Hello Everyone! I am Emily, I graduated SAFE in December last year and am still safe. I am in college now and I plan to write a research paper on mental health care and insurance policies in the US. When I was at SAFE, every person in my group had daily battles with their insurance providers. I had to leave a week early because the insurance company viewed me as “cured” which was traced to my non-suicidal reports. The reason I am bableing on and on about this is because I wanted to include examples of how mental health care is suffering in the US. If anyone who is a graduate of SAFE can identify with troubles with insurace companies, please comment about your expirience and leave a name I can pair with your quote in an interview format. First and last name please (or an alias if you dont feel comforable giving your real name.) If you don’t want to post your info here, you could also send my your email address so we can talk off the blog.  Thank you for your time and sorry about the wordy post.

Thank you,