My life is my own. i live it. Im learning how to be a better person, a better friend.My life isnt perfect, far from it. But i choose to make do with what i have, and what i have is friends, family and strangers to come that love and will love me.
My love has been taken yes, but im refusing to give up on it. I’ll eventually find someone. I have my friends, my family, and for now thats enough for me. I love easily, trust few, and envy no one. I love myself and who i have turned out to be. Im not a bad person. I make mistakes, but im only human.
I choose to laugh instead of cry because it brings me up, not down. Laugh is the cure to anything. I choose to make my day brighter instead of worse. I choose to be the better person i can be. I choose not to be depressed. i choose not to be put down but lifted up like i deserve.
Yes its taken me this long to figure it out. And yes im finding out too late. But this is how im choosing to live again. . But now that im here, im not turning around. I refuse to look back. Only to look foward.
-JamieLyn Shelby