Everything was fine. I was doing perfect. My best friend helped me see that life is okay. I lived happily for about 2 weeks. But a couple days ago we were at the store and a ladies phone was ringing. It started bothering me and I hinted, loud enough for the woman to hear, that a phone was ringing. When she didn’t answer it after a lil bit I was really agitated. I was so bothered that I was twitching. Finally I told her that her phone was ringing and she said she knew, but she didn’t want to answer it. I tried ignoring it again. It didn’t work, I got as far away from her as I could, but it’s a small store and I could still hear it. I was twitching a cussing, which I know is inappropriate, but I could stop myself, believe me, I tried. After a few minutes I began rocking back and forth and humming, trying to get it out of my head. But I could still hear it. As it continued I got worse and worse and I was humming loudly, rocking viciously.  Then he showed up, he is this guy that only I see when I’m at rock bottom. He tortures me and threatens my life. I was pretty much running through the store, trying to get away from him. I ran to my car, locked myself in and I don’t remember anything after that. I somehow got home and don’t remember any of it. But ever since then I’ve been slipping back down.  I see him and Henry (Henry is the good guy that only I see) all the time. I haven’t talked to either of them, henrys still mad at me and thankfully the other one is staying away. But I see them. Which I now know I shouldn’t. The whole time I was better, they were gone. I don’t understand how a cell phone ringing could make me this deranged. Before that day I was one-hundred percent great, I went into that store happy and came out possessed. I have to do something before I end up where I was last time….