See, I have a prettyy good life. A sibling, nice parents good friends, but I feel the urge to SI. And I have given into the urge twice. I SI every once in a while. Because I feel like I’m not worth anything. I fall in love to easy and I always get hurt. I also trust people too easy and I get yelled at by them and then I lose them. I have only told 1 of my friends (not even my best friend!) because I knew that she used to but doesnt anymore. She thinks I stopped though. I feel if I tell my other friends that they’ll leave me and wont wanna be friends anymore if I tell.

Also, I feel like I can’t tell my mom because she had asked me a couple months ago what “emo” was and I told her they were people who SI and she said “Oh, well that’s stupid.” and I feel like shes judging the book by the cover and I feel like I can’t tell. I feel so lost and depressed all the time and i want her to just get the idea thyat im depressed! She’s clueless though and I relly feel the need to go to therapy and yet I feel like I could never tell her because I dont have that much of a reason besides fear and I think it would break her heart.

What do I do?