Hey there,

So i thought I’d post some more poems on here because you liked “Tears”. Let me know what you think. I hope they inspire you and help you.

Also, I made it through yesterday, one of my worst days, without S.I.ing. The black haze surrounded me, and everybody was constantly asking me if I was okay, and I ahd some really bad urges, but I think i came out stronger on the other side.


These scars seem superficial
But they are marks of
My story
I am crippled
But I can heal
There is still hope
To fix what I feel.

Her hands tremble
She stares at the wall
Eyes wild,
Tears streaming.
But she finds no answers
So she curls into a ball.
She dreams of distant memories,
destroyed by the fear.

I can’t go on this way
Every day is a struggle
And this feeling isn’t going away.
It’s so hard.

The feeling writhes through my
Broken body
Marked with the scars
Make it go away
I can’t fight this battle
So I let the tears pour
But they don’t erase the scars.
They rack my insides,
Trying to drown out the need.

Just make it through the night
And soon we’ll be together
Her and I
Bonded by this disease.
This need.
We’ll help each other through the pain.
Through the ragged breaths
Through the tears
To feed off each other’s
To help heal each other’s pain.
To face the winds,
The raging storms
With fierce hope
To heal our scars.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Flaxen hair
Laughing eyes
Careless smile
Flowing dress
She doesn’t know
Her fate.
What she will become.

She is a permanent light
She can’t be blown out by
The terrors of the world.
She is sheltered.
She doesn’t know violence,
She is perfect.
Daddy’s little girl.

She grows up.
Dyes her flaxen hair dark.
Pierces her ears.
Develops dreams.
Makes friends with
An east side girl.
Kisses a boy
Goes to highschool
Goes to a party.
She is
But her light is dying.

Dark hair
Angry eyes
Straight line mouth.
Short skirt.
Tears cloud her vision.

She is no longer sheltered
She has seen violence.
Her light, once permanent,
She knows screams.
Bangs fall across her face
Shaking hands,
She is addicted.
Whatever happened to
Daddy’s little girl?

I Wish

I see your dark eyes
Looking at me from
Across the table
You glance down
I look at you
You meet my gaze
I hold it for awhile
Then I break the brief
Eye contact
Because I know I know I’ll never be with you.

For a few minutes
I forget
I notice how your eyes remind me of
Melting chocolate
How you are the perfect height.
How I can see your muscles rippling
Under your T-shirt
For a few minutes
I forget
How poisionous I am.

Because if I
Told you what I am
I know that you would run.

I wish you wouldn’t.
I wish you wouldn’t look at me like I am
A disease.
But deep down, I know you can’t love me.
Because of
My secret
I wish you could.
I wish.

Comment and let me know what you think. 🙂 I hoped these helped you and made you feel less alone in any way.