ok hi guys. i haven’t been on in a while i got a new one of thesse things! YAY!! okk i have stoppedd Sling good.. well… now i have this other issue ok long story short for about 3 years my granparents stole me from my famiyl and told me they hated me and ECT ok so after days of playing outside with there dogs i would go inside and my grandpa would be sexually abusive to me. this happend on a regular basic and he would hug me to tight and kiss me too much and other things.. well then one day i heard them screaming at eachother i over heard my grandmother say “YOU TOUCH HER AND I’LL KILL YOU”!!! so i was like what ?? cause i though it was normal.. so finally my mother took me home i hvae been home for a 1 year and let me tell ya it was tough.. but recenly i just realized what he did was wrong.. and.. i dont know what to do. oh and i havent had any contact wiht them for a  year and GUESS what he’s coming over on sunday!! hahahah great right? Help please advice. and i dont want to tell my mom cause she was abused the same way and i dont want my grandfather to go to jail although in a way i do help!!