ok so I have never been on a site like this before and always dealt with SI privately, but oddly an episode of Intervention made me find out about it and i’m glad I did. I think any age, we can all learn from each other and I thank you all for sharing your stories. =) I express things best in poetry form and it helps me on the regular to deal with SI and many other things. ..sorry if its a bit morose. thanx for letting me share….. my SI was more frequent a decade ago, however the urge and anger management issues are very current so writing helps me avoid a relapse so to speak… so ok i was super p.o’d this day..again sorry if it seems aggressive.

No Title:

A twisting, sharp biting vine,

   wraps around my spine

It fills the voids and takes control

  like I was a Scarecrow on a pole

I feel the monster coming out again,

  its not a matter of how, but why and when.

Raging rapids and menacing rocks,

  running water and ticking clocks.

Losing pace and giving in-

  the inner demon starts to win.

Falling from fatigue to my knees 

 the heat has risen several degrees.

Confusion cracks a wicked whip,

  my mind goes on a dead end trip.

Growing inside is a familiar foe,

  when my Ego’s enthusiasm is at an epic low.