It’s been about three weeks since i stopped SIing. Even though I’ve stopped I get the urge 2 do so anytime I happen to see my ex boyfriend @ school. He broke my heart this past summer and I still can’t get over him. I worry about him especially now more than ever because he has been hanging with the wrong crowd lately and using almost everyday. I still love him but Im so angry at him. I started SIing in the first place because of him. He posted pictures of himself very close to another girl all over his facebook and that’s how I found out we were over. I’m so torn with him. Seeing him brings me butterflies but @ da same time brings an urge for me to SI again. I haven’t SIed in three weeks but im scared I will relapse. The worst part is that I dont even have my best friend to turn to anymore. She ditched me after the break up and i feel alone and depressed which increases my urge to SI. All i want is someone to talk to for help. I feel like I want to give up. Im scared of what will happen next.