I have felt the feelings you get when you’re heartbroken. The ones where it feels like your heart has been torn to pieces, shattered, or any combination of these terrible aches. But I have also felt that feeling you get when you have been broken by the love of your life. I hope that no one else would ever have to know this feeling…When you have lost that love. When the person who you fell in love with is gone forever. Except, still there, just not there to be yours, ever again. Even worse, the person still loves you, but only as friends. The heartache…It is unbearable. It’s as if your heart is just gone…Your chest is vacant, and nothing is there, but an empty hole. A vortex in your body that is pulling your vital organs into it.  Every atom in your body feels sad. Every fiber of your being aches. Your once beating and thriving heart became cold and lifeless. Then it just disappeared, and the only vestige was a deserted space. Leaving you with a hollow feeling that makes you feel great pain when you think about that person. You have the sensation that life is meaningless. Without that person, the world is dark, and there is no point to anything anymore. Yeah…That feeling. It is a fate worse than death, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. I bear this depression. While simultaneously living an eventful life, maintaining friendships, smiling every day, and even laughing at every joke. I’ve grown so used to putting on this show, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like acting. But then I hear her voice, or glance at her, and my mind returns to that corner I’ve been residing in inside my head.  It all haunts me in my mind’s eye. To my twisted brain, I am a helpless slave. I can’t escape this feeling. I can’t run from myself. I can’t fall out of love. I can’t go on like this.