okay, so i started school about 20 days ago. ya know how you start out with an A in all your classes? well i found out that in geometry i already have a D. and i can tell that my grades are already starting to slip. i can tell that im getting back into my old rutein of not doing homework untill the period before its due.

oh, and i finally told my mom i want to try a different therapist, right? well she says that i should just stick with the one i have because i’ve already seen her 4/5 times, when i feel like there is something missing. i told my mom how i feel like something’s missing, and she was all “why not just tell her that?”. well 1: because i feel its rude to tell her that, and 2: if i want to try someone else, then it should be my choice.

the next part is girly, so if you are a guy, and you dont want to know the following, then dont read the rest of this parahraph.          my period, as usual, is late. it was on time the last 3 times, and now its late again. i hate it. just wait, it will come when im least expecting it. >:(

i just…..i dont know. i have so many emotions going all at once. =s

 just, i dont know what to do…… T.T  i dont know how much longer i can last. i dont know if i want to quit injuring. i dont know if i can quit injuring….. :\

thanks for reading, if you do.

<3 katey