I’m back down that path of depression. I knew it was only a matter of time since school began on August 19th, but I stayed off of it, well partly off of it for awhile. But in honest truth I felt kind of weird not being in this state and now that I am again I remember everything I hate of it. But it’s been apart of me since 8th grade (I’m a junior in HS) I feel like it’s in me now. Then tonight I almost injured but I didn’t. I would have done it, I know it. I don’t even know anymore. I need to talk, I need to, but how do you talk to your best friend when your terrified that she’ll tell your parents? How do you talk to her when you can’t say anything else other than I don’t know or whatever? How do you talk when your mouth won’t open and your hands won’t move? How? I don’t want to make her feel like she has to listen to me and I don’t wanna bother her if she’s busy but I need to talk and if she can text me at midnight till 1:3o in the morning when we both have school about crying and going down the depressed road doesn’t that give me the right too? How do you start up that conversation? I keep everything bottled up and I want to let things out but when that conversation finally presents itself I freeze and then I become a stonecold person who doesn’t let anything out.  Please help!