I’ve been wanting to SI soo bad lately. There was just so much going on and I’m very stressed out.

But friday I really started to hang out with this guy from out of my class that I didn’t talk to that much. And we started getting along really good lol. We stayed after school for the football game and we got kicked out of the school because I was picking on him acting like i was gonna hit him and he ran and your not allowed to run at out school so the janitor kicked us out and locked the doors lol. We just went in the back way. But we hung out almost the whole game and we’ve been txting nonstop since then. Idk now I just feel so good about everything it’s like all my worries are gone now. I’m not wanting to SI anymore right now. It’s great.

Btw in case anyone was wondering, there’s no way we’d date because 1. I have a boyfriend of two years 2. he’s two grades below me but only like a year and half younger. But its really nice to have a friend that isn’t with the rest of my friends they are all fighting over one thing or another, it’s pretty messed up.