hey. so I’m new to this, actually this site is very cool and I’m hoping it can help me. well basically i started injuring in fifth grade, because basically i just get so stressed out with school work and life in general. and as i have gotten older my stress has just gotten that much worse and injuring helps me relax. i just get so overwhelmed and eventually i start hyperventilating and crying and shaking but then all i have to do is think about SI, i focus on the pain instead of the world around me and it helps so much. i find nothing wrong with what i do, if it works for me I’m going to keep doing it. its only that i have been very careless with covering up the marks and several people have seen them and asked me about them but i just shrug it off and make up some lame excuse. but I’m afraid that if i don’t stop soon someone is actually going to notice and care and tell someone. i don’t need therapy or help, i just dont want to be an utter and complete failure to the my family and myself.