Ok so im new to this site. I found out about it from “Seventeen Magazine” had an article about S.I. and it refered me to TWLOHA and i found this site on there. I’ve never told anyone my story before, but now i’m gonna.

OK so i started S.I.-ing in 6th grade. I wasn’t bullied, i didn’t want attention, i would just get really deppressed. As i got older things got worse, I would find new ways to S.I. and i never really thought it was a bad thing, how could it be since it did make me feel a little better? I was wrong.  i would S.I. deppending on the week. I just felt like nobody cared about me and i try to push those feeling and thought out of my head but, i can’t. I feel like im worthless, alone and forgotton in all of this. My life started to get worse when my parents took me out of school and started cyber schooling me. i lost pretty much all of my friends, my schedual was so different from theres i never saw anyone and we pretty much lost touch, I hated my parents for doing that to me. Now im still in Cyber school, i barely have any friends, i fight with my parent all the time, and i S.I.  I feel like i can’t tell my parent becuase they don’t understand and i allready have enough problems with them.