Well as you probably already know, today was the 8th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. Well to honor those lost that day, my school always does something. This year all the History and JROTC classes got to go watch a memorial video. It’s a very sad video, I watched it last year too.

Anyway, just watching it once would be enough to keep me depressed all day, I cried my eyes out. My first class is law studies, and apparently it’s concidered a history class, so I watched it in that class… Then after a 25 minute homeroom break, I go to my second class, which is civics (another history class), so I watch it again. Then I got to go to lunch, but I just felt lousy, all I could think about was that movie and those who was lost. Well then I had a math class, that I couldn’t pay attention in b/c I was too depressed. Then my last class of the day was JROTC, which meant I got to watch it agian. I’ve been really upset all day, wich I’m sure almost everyone was today. But watching that movie 3 times was just too much for me to handle…


I’m not trying to make this about me, it’s just all this was too much for this emotional trouble girl to handle today, but luckily I didn’t SI, I came soo close.