I guess I am writing b/c somehow I know I’ve crossed line. I used to always claim I USED to SI because I injured but I stopped. But, then came other ways of hurting myself.  I can see that all this serves as distractors from myself, my feelings and I guess even knowing who I am. I guess I feel that if I stop the only things I know, that there is nothing and that brings me to tears that I feel so strongly that there is nothing w/o SI. I always keep upping the ante so to speak, but it seems no matter how close I come, I start right back again.

Even if I said “yes, I have a SI addiction”, I don’t even begin to know where to get help because the regular DBT didn’t help me. It was a nice education process but it never soaked into my feet enough to make application of those skills (NOT dissing DBT at all). I guess I’m just scared. It appears that the program is not operating at this time (the 30 day one) and there are 2 therapists in CO who use the SAFE approach. Is there anyone out there who a: understands what I mean about DBT, b: can tell me more about SAFE and how it helped them, and does anyone think that if I buy the book with the program and just do the program with my therapist that will be enough? Thanks for your comments – brand new here.