i have always heard the saying life is hard. but no one prepared me for this. my parents hurt me and that isnt an excuse for injuring myself. i am just so tired of it and how they yell at me and tell me i cant make any disissions in MY life. and that they control everything i do. i am just so tired of it. i get in trouble for dumb things and then just go crazy. i have been injuring myself since like december. i have to cover up the scars. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF EVERONE ACTING LIKE I AM CRAZY FOR INJURING MYSELF. just ’cause i SI doesnt mean i am crazy or want to die. it just means i am hurt and injuring is the only way to release my pain.
i have a friend kirsten who also injures. we say we wont but we cant control it. she goes through a lot more than i do and i have never really thought of it. i hate seeing her injuries it makes me feel out of control. i need help with it. i dont want to lose my best friend over something this stupid. so please help me…us. i cant handle that much pain.