Life grows harder each day,month,year,ect. How hard does it get? I’m going insane over here. When your young life seems like a dream,until reality hits hard. People can keep on telling me that I am not a failer,but I feel the opposite. They can tell me I am a good person,but I feel the opposite. I normally feel the opposite of what people say ( if what they say is good). I can bet I’m being stalked,but I can’t do nothing about it. I always lay awake at night thinking about who I am. I can’t ever seem to figure out who I am though. I am a person that hides behind masks of emotions that are a lies,I pretend to be a totally different person to make people happy. I try my best not to show emotion that shows the real me. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning is when I start to get through my challenge: Life. Life is my challenge. I get through it everyday and so glad to get through it. I’m so surprised that there are people that still are by my side supporting me considering that I am very stuborn. I guess that shows there are people out there that truely care. Even if they don’t understand why you do it, they are still there for you. I am glad that there are people in this world that are like that.