I have been in contact with the staff @ SAFE off and on in the last 2 years since completing the program. I did well for those 2 years and since April I have been really down on myself and really having a tough time as I have been not doing so well with my alternatives as some of my issues behind self injury have been coming up again.

Being 40 and a male, I realize i’m not in the “Core demographic” for most treatment centers that have open programs but 5 hospitalizations since April, and 3 of them produced inpatient SI. I had reciently changed inpatient facilities that I would admit to with some mixed results.. Yes I did SI there but I came out more focused on what I needed to do. I guess what I’m saying is I’m looking desperately for a place to “tune up” my skills and deal with the continued underlying issues that keep on sending me back into acute units for a mere 3-5 days which is only a band-aid for something much bigger.

I’m open to suggestions and comments – post them here, copy, paste & forward your reply to brian164out@msn.com as I am just about open to “whatever it takes” to get back the “SI Free” life I had found I could achieve.

The screen name doesn’t quite fit me now, but it is my mission once more…
Moving Forward x9