I am a self injurer.

I wonder if I will ever be able to stop injuring.

I hear people make jokes and laugh about self injury, when there is nothing

   funny about it.

I see myself in a mirror with scars on my body.

I want to one day stop injuring.

I am a self injurer. 

I pretend that I am not depressed.

I feel like I am worthless, and that there isn’t a point in life.

I touch the scars upon my skin.

I worry that people at school will find out my secret.

I cry after I injure, wishing I wouldn’t have done it, but loving it


I am a self injurer. 

I understand what it is like to want to give up all hope.

I say that everything is OKAY when it’s really NOT.
I dream about a day when I don’t think about self injury.

I try not to injure, but it always seems to win the battle even when I don’t

 want it to.

I hope that if I were to die tomorrow, that there would be something after


I am a self injurer.

By: Katey Kasowski

Please feel free to leave comments. I got inspired to write this cause we did an I AM poem in English [I didn’t do this one], so I thought I would post one one here. 🙂