What if I showed you who I truly am?
Would you run and hide?
Slip through my fingertips?
Disappear like the summertime?

What if I lifted my disguise?
Read to you the writing scrawled there.
Would you look at me with disappointed eyes?
Ask why?
Would you avoid me on the streets?
Scared that you might become like…

Or would you show me true unconditional love?
And see me through the hard times
Hold my hand through the journey
Hold my broken body as the sobs
Wrack my bones?
Would you wipe away my tears,
Shelter me from the storm?
Because I need you.
What if?

I started SIing less than a month ago. My parents found out recently after I started, and now they check me every night. As much as it hurts that they found out and they are trying to take this away from me, I know deep down that I want this to stop. You guys all seem really supportive. 🙂