This one’s about 2 big events in my life that I would rather not remember. But they have scared me for life.

1ST EVENT: 8th grade – I just finished being in the band concert after school, and there was basketball practice in the gym. I was the last band member left in the school because my mom had to talk to the band teacher about my grades (she’s always doing something like that). Anyway, a guy that used to go to that middle school and was used to be in the band was there b/c his brother played basketball (the guy was only one year ahead of me). Anyway he came out to get a drink and he saw me and just said hi and stuff, no biggie. Then he went into the band room. My mom then sent me to the band room to put me stuff up. The guy was in there playing someone’s trumpet, and I went to put my clarinet in the shelfs beside him. When I went to turn around, he grabbed my arm and was like “kiss me”. It wasn’t in a romantic way either he was really mean about it and he was hurting my arm, so I gave him a little kiss on the cheek and tried to pull away. He just grabbed my arm tighter and was like “like you mean it”. He was really hurting me now and my eyes were watering, so I just kissed him on the lips, but he still wouldn’t let me go. He kept trying to force me to do things I didn’t want to do.  I wasn’t going to give up without more of a fight. I finally got loose before he could do anything else and I ran out the door. The bad thing was when I got out no one even knew what was going on and I didn’t want to tell. And if I wouldn’t have gotten loose it would’ve been at least 25 more mins before my mom would’ve started looking for me cause that’s when she was dont talking.  I never told my boyfriend, but I felt horrible so about 5 months later I broke up with him. I finally told him less than a year ago, only 5 ppl knew before I wrote this on here…

EVENT 2: 9th grade. An ex boyfriend from middle school persuaded me to break up with my boyfriend and go out with him, a big mistake. He was one of those guys who always got what he wanted, but not from me. And he wasn’t happy about it. I never was in a relationship before this one that I had fights with my boyfriend. Our first fight was about how I wouldn’t kiss him in front of teachers at school, i didn’t want to get in trouble. That was also the first time I was ever physically hurt by someone I thought cared for me. He hurt me and caused injuries after I tried to talk to one of my friends that was a guy. For the next 10 months I had to cover the injuries, even when I wasn’t dating him he still hurt me.  He would always say he was sorry after and he would be so nice after, and I was so young and immature to believe he didn’t mean to. But then one day he done it in front of one of my friends and I knew I had to do something or they would get involved. At the time I didn’t even know any better, I thought that was all I deserved. He made me feel so low all the time making me believe that I was lucky to have him that anyone else would treat me worse. I can’t believe how stupid I was then.

Well that’s my 2 big events from the past. They are hard to think about much less talk about. But I just hope that if anyone is ever in an abusive relationship they do something the VERY FIRST time something like that happens.