And my head spins like a rollercoaster.
I do stupid things, make stupid choises.
Every day, every minute.
I got rid of parts of my hair.
Painted it from blond to black,
just because I was sick of the image it gave me.
I was with another girl, once again.
And I don’t care about her, and she doesn’t care about me.
I just like the feeling. As if they want you.
They tell you how beautiful you are, how great.
Even though it’s only for night..
The morning after, I feel like dirt.
Like I do today.
And I want to, I would love to, injure.

And I am scared.
That I won’t injure for a long time.
But after that period, I will break.
Like I did a few years ago.

I am, a hazard to myself. Help please.