So Friday’s shopping spree was really fun. I got so many new clothes and the we went to Barnes and Noble where I got some books. It was kinda weird though. I had fun, but when we got to Barnes and Noble I was looking at these books and they happened to be right next to the bibles. This is where it gets a little strange… I got a feeling that I needed a bible so I just went over and started looking and I found this really cool Study Bibles For Teens. It’s the bible, but it’s got little blurbs that explain things and it was really cool. So I bought it. I haven’t touched a bible since I was 10 and I spent 25 dollars on a bible. It was really weird. I had a lot of fun with my mom and it was cool cause we haven’t been able to hang out in a while.

Ok so yesterday I wen’t to a party for my cross-country team. It was a pie party, but I don’t eat pie. I wen’t because my mom wanted me too. I was so nervous at home that I almost injured, but I held back. Why was I so nervous? I hadn’t been to a party since 4th grade. People just stopped inviting me to their parties and it really hurt cause they would rub it in my face after. I just got used to it and so when I was invited to this party and my mom knows the family my mom said I could before I could ask. I was so nervous cause what if the Kay’s (the girl who was hosting it) little brother Pete who is my age and really hot opens the door? What if I wasn’t supposed to bring anything? What if there was nobody there? I was so nervous and even a little scared. You see, I’m shy in big groups of people and people I don’t know. I knew all of these people, but it was a big group. The party was a lot of fun.

Ok,so yesterday I also spent the whole afternoon cleaning. I had spent a bit of time on Friday, but hadn’t really gotten anywhere and my mom and dad wanted my room clean cause they got me an almost floor to ceiling bookshelf for my birthday. I’m not exactly the neatest person. Cleaning my room in the past has been shoving everything under my bed and you never could see my floor. This time I even cleaned under my bed and the floor (who knew I had a floor) is nice and vacuumed. My room looks really nice and I plan to keep it clean. It felt so good when I finished. When I got home from the party the bookshelf was in my room so I spent 30 minutes putting my books in it. Now my room looks more like a room and less like an eathquake, tsunami, and tornado went through it all at the same time.

Wow, I’ve had a busy last couple of days. I’ve almost injured a couple times, but I didn’t and I’ve made it through 4 1/2 days. I’m so proud of myself! I feel great cause I know I don’t have any new injuries to hide and the old ones are slowing fading. I’m so nervous for school to start, but I know I can do it.