The assignment was to write a report about the utopia. I spent three weeks trying to come up with the utopia, but I always found flaws in it. What I ended up learning was that there is no utopia, the world is flawed. It will never be perfect. So in response to the assignment, I wrote this about utopia. My teacher said that it was flawed, but it was unique and well thought through. so yeah, she gave me and A-. 

A world of peace and perfection

There is no utopia, there is no perfect world. We all spend time hoping, praying, and looking for this perfect world. It doesn’t exist. Men like Thomas Moore, Lois lowery and Plato were misguided fools. They thought that a world of peace and perfection was available and just hadn’t been discovered yet. Well, it’s not real; it’s a figment of the imagination and being taught about it only taints the world with false ideas. It gives young, naïve, innocent children the idea there is perfection. There isn’t, we all screw up, we all make mistakes, there is no such thing as perfection. No one will ever be perfect, no matter how hard he tries. Trying to be perfect does nothing but kills us.

 Charles Perrault, Jacob Grimm and Andrew Lang are writers of fairy tales. Their books tell magical stories about princesses and fairies and dwarfs. Their books always end with “and they lived happily ever after.” News flash – there is no happily ever after! Life is not perfect. You can’t ride to a ball in a pumpkin being pulled by mice. You can’t use your hair as a rope to escape a prisoner tower.  A kiss can’t wake you from the dead. It’s all a bunch of lies! They are trying to comfort children, but instead they are brain washing them. It’s like they can’t tell the truth. I mean, com’on, kids believe anything you tell them. And telling them that their prince will come, that life will be perfect, that they don’t need to worry, is foolish.  Life does not end perfectly, you don’t end up happy. Why tell a kid something his whole life and then break his heart when he gets to the real world and none if it happens?!

 The only people that live in a utopia are those who are too high on magic beans to pay attention to what’s happening around them. They constantly live in a dream world were everything is perfect, were nothing bad ever happens. But everything bad continues to happen, they just aren’t aware of it. If they are socially condemned, why aren’t all those stories tellers who write novels and make millions of dollars telling about a world that only addicts live in? sure, the writers play it up and make it all sound wonderful and give the people mystical names. But all it is is a world of lies. Why do we laugh at hippies and scorn those who tell us of a perfect world. Yet, when they write it down, use some big words and get it published, we marvel at their brilliance. Or what we consider brilliance. All I’ve got to say about utopia is that the idea of it is ridiculous.