okay, so this is going to seem like nothing compared to what others have been/are going through. if you don’t want to read, then that’s fine. i just need to think everything through, and it helps to do that by writing it out.

ORIENTATION: it was good. my feet were killing me afterwards, but other then that, it was nice to see my friends. i got my schedule, and its not too bad. i have lunch with at least one of my friends, and I’ll have ASL [American sign language] with one of my friends as long as she doesn’t get a schedule change.

FRIEND’S HOUSE: after orientation, i went to my friend’s house, and i spent the night…well, i feel HORRIBLE because while there, i injured.  I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even notice, but still i feel REALLY GUILTY. 🙁

THERAPY: I’ve had 2 appointments, and so far it seems really pointless. I’m not even sure if i want to stop si anymore. :-/ i like the lady I’m seeing, but i feel like something just isn’t clicking. I’m not really sure how to tell my mom this, cause if i tell her i want to try someone else, then she will just ask why, and i dont have a specific answer for her.

SELF INJURY: i haven’t been doing too badly lately. when i do injure it hasn’t been as bad as i have done before. the injuring itself hasn’t been too bad, but I’m feeling more and more depressed. :-/

thank you, if you read through all i wrote. 🙂

any advise or comments would be greatly appreciated.

<3 Katey