The whole time you are in high school you can’t wait for your senior year, your last year. After that year, your life lies in front of you. Do with it as you wish.

BUT… as for my senior year, I would do anything to go back. I have like none of my friends in my classes or lunch. Also, my boyfriend graduated last year and I’m alone while he is in college. Classes that make me cry myself to sleep (no joke, I don’t understand them, I hate that the school is making me take college level classes, everyone else gets to take whatever they want).

I’m in JROTC, and since I was last year, I was picked but the instructer to be a “squad leader”. I have to teach all the new people (including my two cousins) all the basic stuff you need to know. I was really excited and it made me feel good that I got picked for something. Now they are wanting me to teach them and I don’t really remember all the stuff, and some of the stuff I was never learned, and I don’t speak loud enough according to what the ppl in charge of me said. So I have to work on it over the weekend and be ready by monday. If not I can’t continue being squad leader.

As for SI-ing, so far not done it, thankfully. It’s been so hard not to give in. This is going to be one hard year for me I can see it. Not just school wise but with trying to resist injuring. I haven’t been getting much sleep at all. I went to bed at midnight last night and 3am the night before and both had to be up at 6am. I either sleep too much to too little, I wish I could just sleep right.

On a really good note right before bed, we won our football game! Yeah that might not seem like much to you guys, but that is like the first game we won in a long time. we won one last year but other that that it’s been around 4 years. I wish I could’ve went, but I didn’t have a ride. But I could’ve had a ride if I really really wanted to go, because I used to be in the band, but I didn’t want to go and ride the band bus. I do miss being in band though playing music really relaxed me, now I don’t remember the notes and stuff lol.