So almost a year ago to this day i started high school I was having a really hard time.  I was EXTREMELY depressed, my mom didn’t know what to do. Well the only way i found how to cope was to SI. many of you know how the first time feels, extremely nervous if you SI too much, but too numb or lost to care. i did this for a long time. a week after my attempt I told my best friend, she seemed shocked (but who wouldn’t?), and after that she would never look me in the eyes, or talk to me seriously. she was always sarcastic after that, and now we never ever talk. so i lost my best friend this year-we’d been friends for 13 years (i’m 16 now). so i was alone, a sophmore in a school i wasn’t familiar with. but i found some of my junior high friends and just tagged along with them. that winter i told my new best friend, (one of my junior high friends) that i SI. she didn’t flipped, she was shocked, but didn’t run away like my other best friend. 

It’s now a year and I told another friend, she has depression too, but not nearly as severe. i can talk to the two anytime and they talk back like real friends should, they don’t say “STOP THAT IS SO BAD!” they tell me how much they love me, and how much God loves me, they are my true friends, i feel so comfortable around them, and am so grateful for them. I now only SI when i’m extremely extremely overwhelmed. when i do SI i try to remember my family, friends and God, how it makes them sad that i’m doing this to myself. Anyone can overcome self injury. i know it feels like your only comfort, but that’s not true, think of the little things. a bird singing, a smile, chocolate, the sun, fresh air, and if you lost sight of God, and you notice these things, you can find him again. he loves you so much, and he hates seeing anyone suffer. Christ suffered for everyone’s sins, he knows your pain and can help you enormously if you let him.