I have made so many mistakes in my life, believe me. I injure myself. and i have basically since 6th grade. i am now a sophomore in highschool. its becoming just a habit. i want to stop but dont see a real reason. it makes me feel better but everyone i love is drifting away and my friends are saying they cant handle it and i have little support helping me cope. Many guys have rejected me so i turned to my tool. Many people have harrassed me and made fun of me, and for that i think “im going to hurt myself before they can hurt me” before it actually gets to me…. Middle school is where you explore. i explored the horrifying side of teenage years. injuring and other problems. and i just need people to be there for me when im hurting the most. if your friend does that, dont turn away. stay there forever. help them. i wish more people would help me.